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2 Storey rear extension 2 provide 2 bedrooms extra living area & dining room

The following photo's are of an extensive job completed in 2011

Custom made dining table

Dining table detail

Bathroom with walk in shower

Bathroom with separate shower & wall mounted TV (being fitted)

Extra light to illuminate stairwell with bespoke glass panel

Custom built staircase

Staircase covered 3 floors



The finish perfectly matched the existing building

Showing brickwork detail

Custom made cutlery cabinet to match dining table (mouse over)

Living area with vaulted skylight & custom made Bi-Fold doors


Bathroom with round glass shower

Twin roof lights & triangular window to maximise light

Vaulted glass roof with double glazed panels

Custom built staircase

Brickwork detail






















All photographs by Frances Sherman & Maxpix